What we do

Our mission at Lean on Me Service Dogs is to be able to provide reliable service dogs to assist people with mobility and balance impairments, thereby improving their quality of life.

In December of 2015, Lean On Me Service Dogs began with the intentions of breeding, raising, and training these amazing canines for job placement.  With the goal of spreading word of our cause and finding potential donors and volunteers we created a Facebook page.  Through this we were put in connection with Peggy Thompson who was kind enough to donate the first 3 puppies to our cause.  Though we have high hopes that these pups will succeed in becoming our first set of working dogs, our first step in that direction is to train them as therapy dogs.  This will allow them to gain some working experience before they are physically able to train for stability work.  We also hope that 1 will become our first momma dog to create even more working dogs in the future.
We are located in the Northwest corner of the United States on an eighteen-acre plot.  I would like to say that we have huge facilities for training but the truth is that I am converting my home into the nursery, kennel, and training facility.   As we grow we will expand our facilities but never leave behind the concept that a Dane must be part of the family and household.FullSizeRender